Aidan Howe: The Visionary Behind Our Site is a leading internet platform specialised in running quality checks of online casino sites. What started as a smaller project of two casino enthusiasts is now growing rapidly and we strive not only to find the best online casinos out there, but also to provide you with the best reviews and the fullest information you may need. The official face of the whole project is Aidan Howe, the man who started it all – while looking for answers to his own questions.

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  • Favorite thought: People say motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing, that’s why we recommend it daily.

I Know What I Am But Not What I May Be

Greetings to Seychelles!My name is Aidan Howe and I like casino games.
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This doesn’t tell you much – it could describe any of you, who got to this site. We are all casino fans, looking for the thrill of the spin and the rush of the win when the dealer hits you with the right card. But we are also so much more. Gambling games have always fascinated me, but so have people.

I was born and raised in Bath but moved to London with my family at a relatively young age. Social sciences had always been my strongest discipline, so like many other young people who didn’t know what to do with their lives I decided to study Economics and enrolled in the LSE – that’s the London School of Economics and Political Science, if you want to pass through the same ordeal. The course was a good idea – hooked me into Game Theory and entrepreneurship among other things – but it also reinforced my interest in the people side of things, so I decided to follow it with an MSc in Social and Cultural Psychology. That was where I met Harry, and things started to change.

I had been a football fan since I was little – it was a family thing, though my local Romans rarely gave me much reason for cheer. Naturally, I got into sports betting, though I hardly considered myself a true punter. However, at some point I decided to try out blackjack, and finally found my thing. Gambling became one of my hobbies but I didn’t always have the bankroll to support it back then and had to stick to free-to-play internet games. My busy lifestyle gradually led me towards online casinos more and more, as they simply offered the best solution to the lack of time.

I bonded with Harry Newton over this little hobby of mine, as we shared the same passion and the same problems – birds of a feather and all that. We kept in touch even after we finished our studies, and his job took him abroad. is the brainchild of us both, conceived over the years and finally launched in 2015 in an attempt to solve one of the main issues we had as online players – the lack of reliable information.

Why People Listen to Me – A Player Turned Pro

None of us at claim to be the biggest authorities on gambling in the world – all members of our team started off as regular players, and simply strived to know more about online casinos. However, there was a problem – the internet is full of lies. Recent studies show that false news spread 70% faster than factual ones. What’s even worse – information doesn’t have to be false to mislead the readers.

This is especially dangerous in the world of gambling, where falsehoods can cost you money. We play a game that’s already tilted in favour of the House – we need to know how to get the best possible starting position if we want to win! As experienced players, Harry and I had to do a lot of digging to find the best bonus offers and casino games that would give us a little edge in the uneven race.

That’s when we asked ourselves: why don’t we spread the good news?

I had dabbled with programming during my own business venture and understood quite well how online casinos work nowadays and what makes their games tick – or spin, in most cases. Harry, meanwhile, had been building a good understanding of the law side of things, as he had to travel a lot and find new casinos while abroad. Between us, we had enough expertise to evaluate casinos and look for the best platforms out there.

That’s how came to be – simply a project to help other players find what they were looking for. We had a purpose, we had a strict model in evaluating all the casinos and games out there – and people liked that. The project has grown immensely over the last few years. We found other people that shared our vision and wanted to join in our team, and the best part is that there is so much left to do – but we are fully up to the task!

What I Do – A Serious Look Beyond the Fun

I love gambling with a passion – but ever since I took up the role of Chief Editor for the site full-time, I’ve had to change my approach to things. Evaluating online casino platforms is a serious task, and a methodical approach is needed. I attack the problem from a player’s perspective but have to look at things with the eye of a developer. There are several things to keep track of:

Doing something that you like is important, but my personal goal with this project has been to bring some order to the world of online gambling. I have to be strict, I have to be fair, and most importantly – I need to be observant. There are hundreds of casinos out there, and a score of software developers that provide the platforms and games which we love. My job is to look beyond the facade, into the details and the SWOT analysis. It is my belief that you have to have a macro perspective over things – but to present it in an easy to understand way to the general public.

What Else Can I Say? Ask Me Anything!

Have You Ever Won Big?

It depends on what you consider ‘big’. I generally prefer games with low volatility, so I have managed to make small wins on a regular basis – those build up over time.

What Are Your Favourite Casino Games?

I must admit that I am more easily swayed by card games which involve a certain degree of skill and calculation – blackjack is my top pick, of course, but anything else works too. That’s why I often dabble with live casinos in my spare time.

Have You Played Everything Reviewed on the Site?

Hell no! I wish life was all fun and games, but there is a lot of work to do. The purpose of the team is to cover as much as possible. For instance, I don’t like slots that much, so I gladly left Keira to take over there – I hear she’s been having fun.

What’s Your Advice to New Casino Players?

Never play with money you can’t afford to lose – the whole point of gambling is to have an element of risk, so you always have to factor that in. And if you don’t want to use our site – never forget to read the fine print. Everywhere. Better safe than sorry, after all.

Aidan Howe