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Welcome to the About Me section of bestcasinosites.net where we will share a little bit more about the minds behind our company. Keira Miller is our editor since the beginning of 2016 and she has a pretty interesting background. Let’s see what she has to share with you about herself!

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Keira Miller, an Editor at Bestcasinosites.net
Personal Information
  • Born October 24, 1986, Birmingham, UK
  • Education BA Archaeology and Medieval History; MA Archaeology, Cardiff University
  • Job Editor
  • Favorite thought ‘There’s nothing in this world that breeds success like success!’ – Bob Ross

Keira Miller: A Digger’s Story

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Hey there, my name is Keira and, as you probably already know, I’m the Editor of bestcasinosites.net. But before I became part of the team, I was in a quite different niche. Let me start from the very beginning: I was born and raised in the beautiful city of Birmingham, UK. Later on, I went to Cardiff University, where I studied Archaeology and Medieval History. It was something that I was really passionate about since I was a child – It was like a dream come true! I went on a couple of expeditions, I wrote tons of paperwork and met a lot of interesting people on my journey as a future archaeologist. Including my husband!

We moved to London with our kids and our dog at the end of 2014 and I worked here and there but I was never fully satisfied with what I was doing. One day, my husband introduced me to Aidan Howe, who sparked my interest in online gambling and more specifically – slots. I started playing, researching and testing new games on the market and I thought that this would be a great opportunity as a new job. So, I got back to Aidan, we talked for a while, signed the papers and – here I am – working as his editor since 2016!

How I Became The Golden Girl

When we were young and newly married, my husband and I liked to organize poker nights at home with our friends. We sometimes even dressed up a bit more and went to the casino for a few games. Since I wasn’t quite a fan of the table games, I used to go spin a couple of slots or play bingo. I just enjoyed them a lot! Then we had kids and our routine changed. Years later, when I met Aidan, he introduced me to a few online casinos and I was chuffed! Since then I started playing again, checked out the details of a specific game, made some research about developers, RTP, etc. – I found a new passion!

By the time I started working at bestcasinosites.net, I’ve already had a pretty good idea of the games that online casinos offer and gathered a lot of information that was definitely very helpful. I even got the nickname ‘Golden Girl’ because of that – I always managed to find what we needed for a review and, trying not to brag, I was very lucky and won a lot at the games I played.

Slots Are My Domain on Bestcasinosites.net

As I mentioned earlier, I’m an Editor at the site. Here’s what I do:

I’m very pleased with what I do – I live in a wonderful city with my family, I have an amazing team, I have fun exploring new games and writing about them. I’ve definitely grown a lot and have discovered how many different opportunities life could bring you at the right time and the right place. Bestcasinosites.net continues developing, we’re innovating the site and what we present to our readers and I believe you guys will be chuffed!

More About Me

What was the first online slot you’ve ever played?

I think the very first online slot I played was Immortal Romance – you know, that vampire one! I really enjoyed its features, and the characters were very interesting. As a person that has studied Medieval History, I have also a thing about witches, vampires and other mystic creatures that it’s said that they have lived during these times. And which might still live nowadays, who knows?

Do you still play bingo at a real casino?

I may sound like an old lady, but yes! I sometimes go by myself or with my husband when we have some free time within our stuffed daily schedule. I even went with my older son, Darron, one time. He wasn’t very into it, but he liked saying ‘bingo’ and marking the numbers. Everyone found this very endearing!

Where was your last archaeological expedition?

After we got married, Rob used to escort me to a few of my expeditions. The last one was in Bucharest, where we stayed for about a week to take samples and do some research with my colleagues. This was not only my last expedition, but also the place where we found out I was expecting! Whenever we can, we go back to Bucharest on vacation.

Keira Miller